How It Works

CloudPets Are More Than A One-Time Toy! With the CloudPets App, your kids can access an ever-expanding collection of fun and games — check out all the ways you can play today!

Send & Receive Messages You Can Hug™ From Anywhere In The World

  1. CloudPets Friends can record and send messages using the CloudPets App from anywhere in the world.
  2. A parent or loved one at home gets the message on their CloudPets App and then approves it and delivers it wirelessly to the CloudPet.
  3. When the CloudPet has a message, its heart blinks. When your child squeezes its paw, the message plays.
  4. Your child can record a message by squeezing the CloudPet’s paw. The message goes wirelessly to the nearby device. From there, it can be delivered to a CloudPets Friend anywhere in the world!

Your Kids Can Play Fun Learning Games

Little ones will keep their minds MOOOOving with the first ever CloudPets Game, Banyard Sounds!

  1. Access the game right from the CloudPets App Dashboard.
  2. The CloudPets App sends animal sounds to your child’s CloudPet and then plays those sounds in a particular sequence.
  3. Your child taps out the same sequence on the game interface in the CloudPets App… and then starts all over!
  4. The more your child plays, the more challenging it gets!

Your Little One Can Drift Off To Dreamland With Sweet Lullabies

Bedtime just got easier—and cuter—than ever before! Now you can send your kiddos to dream in the clouds to the sweet sounds of lullabies.

  1. Get to lullabies right from the CloudPets App Dashboard.
  2. Choose from five all-time favorites—“Ba-Ba Black Sheep,” “This Old Man,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Welsh Lullaby” and “Brahm's Lullaby.”
  3. Control the duration (up to 15 minutes) and volume of each song right from the CloudPets App.
  4. Switch your child's CloudPet off to end the lullaby at any time.

Turn Their Story Time Into Cuddle Time

Story time has never been so snuggly! You and your child can listen along to tales of fun and adventure falling from the sky.

  1. Get to stories from the CloudPets App Dashboard.
  2. Choose one of two fun-filled stories: Sassy Cassie or Worst Parents Ever. The story will send automatically to your child's CloudPet when you select it.
  3. Control the duration and volume of stories from the CloudPets App.
  4. Switch your child's CloudPet off to end a story at any time.

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