CloudPets Brings 100 Hugs to Families at Yellow Ribbon Event!

Oct 21, 2017

Watch The Highlights Video!

When we were creating CloudPets, military families were one of our greatest inspirations. And today, providing unique ways for our brave service men and women to communicate with their children while deployed is still at the heart of CloudPets’ ongoing development.

Recently, we had the opportunity to express our thanks at a National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) event held by the 134th Tennessee Air National Guard Wing in Knoxville, TN. We handed out 100 CloudPets to little ones and their soldier parents so they could send and receive huggable messages over the course of deployment. As it usually goes with these kinds of events, we walked away feeling as though we received much more than we gave. Spending time with these incredible families who are so willing to sacrifice their lives to protect our country is inspiring, gripping, and humbling.

We’re so happy to know that these wonderful people will be able to feel closer across the miles over the next several months, and to know that CloudPets are doing their job, helping families stay connected while they’re apart.

YRRP is a legislatively mandated program that offers reserve soldiers and their families access to information, services, referrals, and outreach programs throughout what they call the deployment cycle. Though the program is run by the National Guard, its services and benefits are available to all military reserve soldiers, and it’s designed to help reduce the stress military families experience while transitioning between each deployment phase and to help support their reintegration. Visit the YRRP’s events page to learn more about events in your area.

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